meet the team

We are a team who believes in Bakersfield and wants to change the conversation. We will share our point of view and build the excitement for our city through this innovative marketing campaign involving an intriguing internet presence, storytelling and community events. We want to excite those that live here by telling their stories and capture the attention of those looking for a convincing reason to move here.

We want to change the conversation to a positive tone, and we're excited and hopeful for mindsets to shift. Be In Bakersfield.

Our greatest resource is not in our buried minerals or our fertile soils; it is in the intellectual capital of our people.



We live and work in Bakersfield and believe it's a great time to Be in Bakersfield. 

We believe that Bakersfield is worth it.

We believe that it's time to show the interesting + captivating side of Bakersfield we choose to live in.

We believe the creative, problem solving class is thriving and growing in Bakersfield.



Core Team

Robert Austin Smith

Anna Smith

Daniel Cater

Shannon LaBare

Andrae Gonzales



Extended Team

David Franz

Monica Cater

Jennifer Sampson

Natalie Green


Creative Team

Shannon LaBare

Curtis Nemetz of RESCO

Jeran McConnel of Oleander+Palm

Photos courtesy of Casey Christie, Jeran McConnel and Jennifer Williams


sponsors + Partners

We can't do this on our own. We're honored that these sponsors + partners not only choose to be in business in Bakersfield but support our efforts. We owe them our sincerest thank you.

Interested in sponsoring Be In Bakersfield? Contact us!