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Bakersfield’s long been known for its musical history. Read what this local musician and his bandmates love about making music in our city.

By David Caploe

Photo via  @thehatedrugs

Photo via @thehatedrugs

Our entire band was either born in Bakersfield or moved here in elementary school. We formed in the summer of 2014 after I self-released an EP called Rough Daze. My bandmates are my brother, Josiah Caploe, Adrian Diaz, John Irwin IV and Norman Lee. Norman had been best friends with my brother for a long time, and I met Adrian and John through a mutual friend.

We all come from pretty musical families, so we grew up listening to music and playing instruments. We started playing together at First Presbysterian Church here in Bakersfield.

This town has been so supportive of our music — we are proud to call it home. We hope that what we’re doing will encourage other local artists to pursue their passions. Bakersfield has a great community of extremely talented humble musicians. We are lucky to have so many musical papas in this community, including Thomas Freckleton, Kyle Burnham, Matt Munoz, The Almnc boys and Gary Rink. Thomas, one of the owners of Bakersfield Sound Company, is in a very successful international touring band and has mentored us and encouraged us to keep pursuing our dream. Matt Munoz writer at The Bakersfield Californian and member of local legend Mento Buru, has been a strong supporter and helped us reach a different side of Bakersfield.

One of the best parts about making Bakersfield our home base as a touring band is how close it is to so many major west coast midi cities. Portland, Dallas and Salt Lake City have always been really good to us. Life on the road can be crazy and exhausting, and it’s easy to feel disconnected to the rest of the world. It’s such a blessing to be able to come home to a place where we feel supported and welcomed.

Starting a band in Bakersfield is both a blessing and a curse because it's small. You can grow quickly, but there also isn’t a ton of room for growth. There aren’t as many quality venues as there used to be, especially for medium size touring bands, and there just isn’t a close relationship between the Bakersfield radio stations and the local scene like there used to be. 

As our city continues to grow, I hope people realize how much life music can bring to a city.

Every great city has a great music scene, and I think that Bakersfield is an example of what great music can do for a city. It’s time that we get back to that.


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Hate Drugs often returns home to play at Jerry’s Pizza in Downtown Bakersfield. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming shows: @thehatedrugs

Connect with David + The Hate Drugs: @thehatedrugs


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