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I wanted to start my own business well before I moved to Bakersfield in 2010. Last year, my wife, Shannon, and I opened Rig City in Downtown Bakersfield, and it’s been the best decision. We love coffee, and having a shop is a way to be around coffee all day and share it with our friends and neighbors. We’ve been roasting our own beans for years, and we knew the best way for customers to experience our coffee was to open our own place — ensuring they were enjoying the coffee as it was intended.

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Go Everywhere, Do Everything

I’ll be the first to tell you that, as much as I genuinely love being in Bakersfield, I love adventuring out of it just as much. I am a proud first-generation American who was born to be a citizen of the world. Both of my parents are globetrotters from different countries, so venturing off from home every chance I got was never a foreign concept to me. I never even had a particular dream trip because I dreamt of a lifetime of travel, and I’ve always been determined to go everywhere and do everything.

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