Bitwise Introduces Shift3 to the Bakersfield Community

After announcing their expansion into Bakersfield last month, Bitwise comes again to present Shift3 + their hopes for Bakersfield partnerships. Read how this Fresno based tech company wants to empower Bakersfield to do awesome things.

By Sophia Gligorevic

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On July 17th, The Idea Hive, a local collaborative work space, was buzzing with excitement as the founders and leaders of Bitwise Industries and Shift3 Technologies mixed, mingled and connected with a diverse cross section of Bakersfield movers and shakers. Speaking as a "Boomerang," a millennial that left Kern County in search of greener pastures and then returned home to water the great grass in my own backyard, I was thrilled by the energy of this event. In case you haven't heard the big news, Bitwise recently announced their plans to expand all over the country, and Bakersfield will be their first stop. 

Shift3 Technologies, Bitwise’s software development division, has already been operating in Bakersfield for the past year. Shift3 is a custom social impact software company that builds software to empower businesses to better serve the people in their communities and beyond. Together, Bitwise and Shift3 will create a tech ecosystem that will activate the human potential that exists in abundance locally, and they are excited about capitalizing on the upsurge of growth in the downtown area. Landon Brokaw, the sales and marketing executive director of Shift3, spent quite a bit of time with me discussing his company’s focus and objectives. He elaborated on how Shift3 develops custom software to help businesses improve and expand their reach and profits. This would be perfect for Kern County, an area filled with unique businesses that could benefit from such an enterprise. Shift3's goal is to understand a business, help them solve their challenges by developing unique, custom-designed software and, in turn, help them become more competitive in a global market. In a ripple effect, this creates job that didn’t previously exist that will then be filled with local talent. Imagine the possibilities of taking coding into agriculture and expanding the reach of our abundant Valley industry! 

CEO and co-founder Irma Olguin Jr. emphasized that Bitwise is eager to employ and accelerate the talent that already exists within our town. She is very proud of her company’s vision to employ a diverse range of coders and other employees that otherwise might not be considered for jobs in the tech market. She noted, "We are about empowering people and the next generation of people to do awesome things in their own city." Without a doubt, Bakersfield is already awesome, and there are talented and capable people here ready to step up to the challenge. There are tech companies here that are thriving and can only continue to get bigger and better. Jake Soberal, CEO and co-founder of the tech cooperative, stressed that Bitwise recognizes the importance of building relationships with existing local tech companies and they look forward to strong future partnerships. 

Soberal also touched on Bitwise's decision to choose Bakersfield because our story felt "familiar.” Anyone can see immediately that this city has quality human beings that are rooted here and in love with their home, and Bitwise wants to be part of that story. As we all continue to change the narrative, promote the positive and be ambassadors for our city, I think we can all agree that this chapter will be nothing short of awesome. Like a garden waiting to bloom, we have the seeds of greatness already planted.  Bitwise and Shift3 Technologies come armed with watering cans and the business green thumb necessary to let us bloom brighter than before!

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On June 19, Bitwise Industries announced their plans of expanding into Bakersfield. Read the full story here.

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