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Read this Bakersfield boy’s story and why he chose to stay here. Sherod loves how different Bakersfield is to other cities and his story reminds us to embrace all it has to offer.

Sherod Waite • Moneywise Wealth Management

I am from Bakersfield—I was born and raised here and have lived here almost all of my life. My educational and professional experiences are anchored in this town.

I am a Bakersfield High School, Bakersfield College and Cal State Bakersfield graduate. In 2001, I started my own business. That endeavor has evolved, and I am now a co-owner of Moneywise Wealth Management, where I am a financial advisor and co-host “The Moneywise Guys,” a KERN radio show and podcast.

There are many reasons why I chose to live and work in Bakersfield. Growing up in a family of eight children heavily influenced my path into the financial industry and my genuine desire to help people make healthy decisions with their finances. I grew up watching my parents work hard to budget and invest wisely in order to do their best for our big family. I quickly learned that I would need to do the same if I was going to raise and support a family of my own.

Bakersfield’s strong entrepreneurial spirit inspired me from a young age to someday have my own business. Investing and finance intrigued me, and I had a natural knack for it, so I made the jump and committed to this place.

Also, I see Bakersfield as the perfect size—not too small and not too big. I’ve watched it grow in many ways, but the town has maintained our unique, small-town feel. As it continues to develop, we have more amenities, cultural activities and diversity. I would like to see the people of Bakersfield use our diversity as a strength, and I would like us to utilize our small-town feel to stay unique—to not gentrify too much in the same ways that most developing cities tend to. I don’t want Bakersfield to become more of the same. I find inspiration in the fact that we are so different from the rest of California. I think that is a huge advantage, and it surprises people.

We stand apart because everything is really about the people—it all starts with those who live here. The people of this community have raised and educated me, and now they have done the same for my three kids. I love to travel, and I have found there are amazing people all over the world, but the people in Bakersfield are especially amazing. We exude generosity, industriousness, friendliness and strong values.

I love that any interest or hobby can quickly be connected to and pursued with like-minded people from the community. If someone chooses to be active, they can make a difference and have an impact on the town.

I love that, outside of work, I still have time to be involved with the arts, community service and my favorite thing about the area—the great outdoors. The Kern River and the canyon provide world-class hiking, camping and fishing. I can’t get enough of it. The natural beauty here is awe-inspiring. It is wild to me that so many people who were raised here have no idea what they are surrounded by, and yet I will meet people from other countries embracing our natural, unique beauty. I hope for more locals to appreciate and enjoy what gifts we have.

Ultimately, I love that I am excited to live in my birthplace and to see other adults choose to call this place home. I am proud of the direction that Bakersfield is going. I appreciate all the city has to offer, and that’s what I want to encourage others to do—to enjoy every bit of Bakersfield and to have ownership of our city.

This is home, so we might as well enjoy what makes us different.

Be happy in Bakersfield.

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