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Pastor Robin Robinson has been serving the Bakersfield community for more than 30 years. Read about her new role at CityServe and how she seeks the Bakersfield community rising up to meet the needs of our neighbors.

Robin Robinson • CityServe

I was born in Bakersfield and lived here until I was 5. We moved to Oklahoma and then were back and forth some, but I’ve been here for the last 36 years.

After 31 years as a pastor at Canyon Hills Church, I’m moving into a new role in our community with CityServe. This is an organization that has been coming together for the last year. We’ve created international and national partnerships in order to bring a supply chain into Kern County to serve those in need. Our partners send like-new returned merchandise or overproduction goods like food and household items, and these items equip small churches to minister to their neighborhoods and communities.

Partners bring in furniture, toiletries, diapers, formula — just about everything you could think of that a family might need. We distribute these items through the churches to build long-lasting relationships while meeting the needs of our neighbors.

The program already reaches outside of Bakersfield and throughout the state, and it will go national at some point to offer a helping hand to people all across the country.

Bakersfield is a perfect place to start something like CityServe because our community is so kind and generous. From Relay for Life to other charity events, we turn out to help others, and that says something about our community.

When someone reaches out to an individual or family with real felt needs and shows them compassion and kindness by offering a helping hand up, then hearts are open so lives can be transformed. There is one story about a single mother named Anna that touches my heart. She had recently moved to Wasco from Las Vegas and had nothing. She and her children slept on the floor and had to sleep close to try to keep warm. Through CityServe, people in the community were able to show her kindness by giving her mattresses, a kitchen table, food and other household items. She said when she sat down with her children for their first dinner at their new table, she cried. Her dreams of having a few nice things were coming true.

I’m inspired by being around people that are doing life well and making a difference. I’m around a lot of people in a lot of different arenas who don’t take their lives lightly. They live intentionally. I love that we live in a community of people that are intentionally trying to make a good difference in the lives of people around them.

Because of this community, I don’t see many challenges to living in Bakersfield. Even the weather cooperates with us most of the time. I love all the hometown businesses and wonderful places to eat. It’s been a great place to live, serve and raise my family.

My hope for Bakersfield’s future is that we solve a lot of the problems that have come to town over the last few years. Many people in our community are struggling because of homelessness, the drought or job losses in oil and ag. Having been a pastor in our community, I’ve seen those needs firsthand.

I hope that, in the years ahead, CityServe and other organizations like it are able to make an impact in our community.

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