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This Bakersfield transplant knows what it takes to connect in a new city. Read his story of putting down roots and getting to know the city’s social scene.

Jesus Gonzalez • Business Development Professional

I’m originally from Claremont. I moved here about four years ago and originally intended to only be here about a year, but I met my fiance and totally fell in love with the city. Now I’m proud to say that we built our very first home here in Bakersfield.

I work in the healthcare industry by day. I’m an extremely social person, and Bakersfield has given me the opportunity to branch out and become more involved in my community. I love going to charity events and supporting all the local causes here in town.

It’s great to be able to drive pretty much anywhere in the city in under 20 minutes — that’s a huge perk of Bakersfield. I also love downtown. From the food to the arts to the people, there’s so much culture. Above all, I love the people. There are so many who have interesting stories about how they got here, and they make this town so colorful.

I’m constantly inspired by young people who are moving here and transforming the city with their ideas. They’re making Bakersfield into a place where people want to hang out and be social outside of work. I just love that.

When I first moved, I had a really negative perception of the town. I didn’t let myself go out and meet people. When I decided I was going to live here long-term, I knew I needed to break down those barriers, so I started going to charity events and started getting involved in my community. Through that, I met so many wonderful people, and it changed what I thought of Bakersfield.

I like using Instagram to connect socially, and, when I came across Be in Bakersfield, I loved the look, stories and positivity it shared about this city. Through Be in Bakersfield, I’ve become even more engaged with the community. It’s such a beautiful, vibrant town filled with amazing businesses and people, and I’m so proud to say that I live here and so proud to see where the city’s going.

Bakersfield is a limitless community filled with so many amazing people across generations. You really can make your dreams come true.

I’d love to see Bakersfield continue to grow into a vibrant city. And I’d love to see the community continue to grow in every sense — from business to culture to arts.

Bakersfield is a wonderful town to do business in. As the city grows, I’m very excited to see more amazing people move here to make it an even more wonderful place.

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