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David desires to be fully immersed in the Bakersfield community and encourages others to see Bakersfield for all its opportunities.

David Anderson • Moneywise Wealth Management

My relationship with Bakersfield wasn’t an immediate, “head over heels” one but it has, hands down, evolved into something that I am really proud of and excited by. I have grown into loving this city, our people and what we have to offer.

Originally, I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, raised in Morgan, Utah and moved to Bakersfield in 2001 to start a business. Since then my career has evolved into me becoming co-owner of, and a financial advisor at, Moneywise Wealth Management. Part of this evolution also led to me becoming the lead host of our radio show and podcast, “The Moneywise Guys.” It has been exciting to build a business and a show that reaches out and helps so many different types of people. We try to provide useful, entertaining financial advice for our listeners because we believe, through our services and financial education, we can have a positive ripple effect on our community. Through these business ventures I have met a wide range of people that compose the fascinating, unique character of this city. I can honestly say that I now happily embrace Bakersfield. I am the positive product of the community, and enjoy being an ambassador of its abundance of opportunities and cultural diversity.

Outside of the independent business opportunities that we have been able to accomplish with Moneywise, I must give credit to what has kept me energized, excited and immersed, which are the people and friendships I’ve made. Once I actively made an effort to challenge my own negative perceptions, and explore all of the things that this city has to offer, I started to see things differently. In finding some favorite hangout spots and eateries, I met people with like-minded interests—art and live music. New friends introduced me to more people and new-to-me local institutions which ultimately led to my primary focuses in the community that have a special place my heart—the arts and children.

Since challenging my mindset, I am honored to say that through Moneywise, I have co-sponsored and supported various art projects such as the Bumblebeelovesyou mural on the side of The Kitchen and the Art After Dark program at the Bakersfield Museum of Art, where I also serve as a board member. Also, I am a songwriter at heart and am a huge supporter of the local music scene and our country music legacy. I have also served as a CASA (court-appointed special advocate) volunteer and have adopted three children through the Kern County foster-to-adopt program, all whom I love very much.

Honestly, I am not sure if I would be as active in another community as I am able to be here. The opportunity here invigorates and mobilizes me to jump in. I’m constantly inspired by the different avenues of engagement and how quickly people are able to connect resources. This place is continuously developing and anyone who really wants to can contribute––I love that.

To that end, I am excited about the fact that Bakersfield’s economy is also evolving. For many years, the economy was driven primarily by agriculture and oil, and now there seems to be a tangible, new wave of creative problem solvers rising up and helping Bakersfield progress. The opportunities are endless, you just have to reach out and grab them.

My hope for Bakersfield is that we can all keep an eye on what this city can become. I want us to focus on working together to create a city we all are proud to be in and love.

As you experience Bakersfield, make it your own.

Be IMMERSED in Bakersfield.

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