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Discover the beauty of Bakersfield and the importance of collaboration between professions from an architect’s perspective.

Daniel Cater • Cater Design Group

I’m Daniel Cater, principal architect of Cater Design Group. When my wife and I decided to move from San Francisco to my hometown of Bakersfield, I knew I wanted my architecture practice to be centered downtown — an area that has always been full of potential and possibilities.

We also decided to make downtown our home in hopes of finding a vibrant community that was ever-evolving. It was an intentional decision to center our personal and professional lives here.

The streets of downtown have been in the process of revitalization for the good part of a decade, and I saw an opportunity to expand housing options and contribute to redefining Bakersfield’s central neighborhoods. I also considered how new buildings could relate to the existing architectural fabric, drawing inspiration from the rich history of the area.

Starting an architecture firm and developing a community of support services in Bakersfield was not without its challenges. Finding like-minded professionals that shared my passion for the built environment did not come as easily as expected. But what may have been lacking in quantity was compensated for by a diverse community of creatives that call Bakersfield home. Those in creative fields are cross-collaborating, creating opportunities to pull from each other’s unique expertise. Because the city has grown quickly, there are good conversations taking place about how to make this collaboration easier and more accessible.

It’s a great time to live in Bakersfield! Still, there are many challenges that we face as a community. I’d like to see us embrace these challenges, such as water shortages and low air quality, as opportunities to innovate and create.

People in Bakersfield are eager for new ideas. As we encourage each other to get those ideas off the ground, we can make an impact and improve quality of life—for ourselves and each other.

Be COLLABORATIVE in Bakersfield.

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