Cloud 9 Coffee Co. is Back

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There’s a fresh wave of entrepreneurs from the millennial generation who were born and raised in Bakersfield, maybe left for college and travel, but returned to their roots excited to invest in the community that first invested in them. We are thrilled to welcome new businesses in town, especially those who can take what they’ve learned abroad and apply it to the extensive charm that makes Bakersfield so great.

Be in Bakersfield is happy to welcome back Cloud 9 Coffee Co. in a new brick and mortar cafe. We wish Morgan bonn all the success and happiness she can soak up in her hometown—one espresso at a time.

Here is her story…

Photo credit:  Rubi Z

Photo credit: Rubi Z

I grew up here in Bakersfield, but I really experienced the rest of the world while in college. I studied Political Science in San Diego, and I studied International Relations in Geneva, Switzerland. Unlike most college students, I couldn’t wait to graduate so I could move home — there was something about Bakersfield that stuck with me and got me excited for the future.

While I’ve laid my head many places around the world, Bakersfield is by far my favorite. I got married last April to a total babe, but, because of his job in the motion picture industry, we moved to Valencia as a halfway point between our lives. The move has been tough for me, but I definitely don’t consider the Bakersfield chapter of my life to be over, especially because I own a business here — Cloud 9 Coffee Company.

Bakersfield is the best place to start a business, but not for the obvious reasons like affordability or creative and intellectual bourgeoning. Though those are great reasons to be here, Bakersfield is the best place to start a business because it makes us better. Every millennial that decides to move back home after college encourages the older generations. Every middle-aged man or woman that decides to opt for a career change to fulfill their dreams reinforces the idea that anything can happen here. Every young couple that decides to raise their family here, despite challenges, proves that there will be a future for this city.

We should all stay here, create here, and enjoy being here. As a self-proclaimed traveler, I can tell you that there are undesirable aspects of every place in the world, but the conversation doesn’t have to focus on those things. The only way Bakersfield will become the greatest form of itself is if we, the people who know and love it, can focus on what we need to do in order to get it there.

Let’s have those tough conversations about racial injustices, environmental sustainability, gender inequality and more, and let’s actually work to make a difference in those areas. If we’re going to stay here, open businesses here, and raise families here, the future of Bakersfield deserves that from us.

I chose to open a coffee shop here in Bakersfield upon graduation from college, and it was the best decision I ever made. I opened the first third-wave specialty coffee trailer in California and am now set to open our brick-and-mortar location this spring. I have been overwhelmed and encouraged by this community’s support of my business. The Lord has blessed me with so many people who have come alongside me in this journey and watched Cloud 9 become something great. I, along with every other small business, rely on your help to bring our unique talents, gifts and passions to Bakersfield, and we are touched when you aid in our success.

All this to say, stay here. But don’t just survive — thrive. Help those in need. Support your local small businesses. Get involved in things that set your heart on fire. Change the conversation around you and focus on making this place better. The seeds that you plant now will bear fruit for your children, grandchildren and many more generations to come.

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Cloud 9 Coffee Co. will be located on the ground floor in Bakersfield’s iconic Stockdale Tower, 5060 California Ave. Ste. 130.

Join us at their grand opening coming May 2019!

Let’s support local businesses who inspire us to take risks and pursue what we love!