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Cloud 9 Coffee Co. is Back

There’s a fresh wave of entrepreneurs from the millennial generation who were born and raised in Bakersfield, maybe left for college and travel, but returned to their roots excited to invest in the community that first invested in them. Be in Bakersfield is happy to welcome back Cloud 9 Coffee Co. in a new brick and mortar cafe. We wish Morgan bonn all the success and happiness she can soak up in her hometown—one espresso at a time.

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Imagine a place where your innovative ideas and inventions can come to life and you can be the maker. Bakersfield has it! Fab Lab at CSUB invites all to explore your imagination and see what you create in fabrication. We are happy to support a place that creates a community of makers and encourages young minds to think outside the box.

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Grow, Cook, Eat + Enjoy with Edible School Yard Kern County

We recognize something different and cool has been taking shape in our county over the past few years when it comes to real food—the stuff that comes from the ground, not from a factory. More of us what to eat better and feel good too, and advocates for growing and eating real food are not just speaking up but they are educating, as well.

Be in Bakersfield is happy to support Edible Schoolyard Kern County and share what they are doing for our community.

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Top 3 Favorite Things To Do in March

In our beloved Bakersfield, there’s always something happening. We’ve scouted event calendars + pages and found our top 3 things to do in the city! These are our recommendations for the month of March!

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