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Discover why this successful executive couldn’t wait to get back to Bakersfield after only a year away and the reasons why our town is so special to him.

Ken Beurmann • CEO at Terrio Physical Therapy & Fitness

I was born and raised here in Bakersfield, attended Liberty High School, and then went to Cal State University of Bakersfield for my undergraduate degree. While there, I was elected student body president and it exposed me to leadership at a young age. I found I enjoyed having a vision, creating a strategy and having others follow me.

After that, I attended the University of Southern California for my master’s degree and couldn’t wait to finish and get back to my hometown. My wife is also from here and I wanted to get back as quick as possible so we could start our lives together in this amazing town. I absolutely love it here.

One of the main reasons I love it so much is because the people here actually care about the community. This town is very family-oriented and everyone has great values. When I was 23 I worked at Goodwill and was exposed to the non-profit side of this community. It’s unmatched and phenomenal. Bakersfield has a giving spirit and the ability to rally around causes that is unparalleled. Non-profits start up easily here because if there’s a need in the community that is unmet, the people here go above and beyond to meet those needs.

For example, back in 2007, if a child needed pediatric physical occupational therapy, that family had to drive all the way to Los Angeles or Fresno to receive care. So we started to provide that service at Terrio Physical Therapy & Fitness to children who had disabilities. 

And through that initiative, we heard parents talking about a sports league for children with disabilities. Tim Terrio immediately collaborated with other community leaders and the League of Dreams was founded. It was all spurned by caring people here in our community and it’s a huge success.

On the professional side, Bakersfield affords a lot of job opportunities for young professionals that you can’t get anywhere else. Los Angeles is enormous and a lot of things have to go right for you in order to make a lasting impression on that community.

Whereas here, if you’re a hard worker and ambitious, you’ll start climbing the career ladder and get noticed. Those who do their best get rewarded quickly in this community. Top talent gets put into positions that have a lasting positive impact.

Bakersfield is a great place to live as a young professional. If you want to own a home and start a family, we have one of the lowest costs of living in California, and everything is close by. Bakersfield housing costs are extremely affordable, and your dollar goes a lot farther here, which also means that relocating to Bakersfield for a job opportunity is a really good idea.

There are also a lot of professional mentor opportunities—business leaders will open their doors and take up-and-comers under their wing to groom them to be the next leaders of this town. Other communities don’t have that. You’re a small fish in an enormous pond in other places. Here in this city, you’ll be recognized.

Our leaders here are not afraid of someone stealing their job. The goal is to groom someone to eventually take your position. Leaders in this city grow the next generation, and it’s not a cut-throat atmosphere where everyone is out for themselves, like bigger cities.

Work / life balance is also important here. We’re very family-oriented. Flexibility, to me, is everything. I don’t let the corporate grind come home with me, I don’t allow the weekends to be filled with work stuff. My kids are my priority. If you’re in the office until 10:00 o’clock at night to prove yourself, it’s actually more of a negative thing here because we want healthy and happy employees who spend time at home as well. I see myself staying in Bakersfield forever, and I think my kids will also live out their lives here as well. And the more the city grows in population, the more diverse of an economy you’ll start to see.

We’ve always had the reputation of being an oil, gas, energy, and agricultural community, but I see it shifting quickly. The Bakersfield real estate market has exploded. We’re building more restaurants, high-end retail stores, hospitals, and hotels. Everything has become so dynamic.

This town grants you the opportunity to be great. Make your mark here.

Be great in Bakersfield.

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