did you get a postcard? what does it mean?

The postcard you got in the mail comes from a friend. A friend that believes that it's a good time to "be in bakersfield." They may have sent it to you because they believe that you feel the same way. They may have sent it because they think you may need to move here. Or they think you may have a different perspective about Bakersfield, maybe even a not so pretty one.

Either way, we're glad you're here. Be In Bakersfield is a a grassroots non-profit + movement that shares the interesting, creative, and captivating side of Bakersfield. We believe it's a great time to be here and to put down roots. This movement is built to share the conversations we all have, those of triumph, pushbacks, success, challenges, and excitement. It's ok that we have things to work on here in town, that means there's  opportunity for growth.

So, whether you fall in the "not living here, but think it could be a cool place to live" or "I didn't view my city this way" or "I'm in Bakersfield on purpose" camps, we invite you to join the conversation + see why we choose to Be In Bakersfield.

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Moving Here?

Curious for more? ave a look at our vision and why we're so passionate about our choice to Be In Bakersfield