Wall Mural Contest


Thank you for your interest/submission to the Be In Bakersfield + Locale Wall Mural Contest!


Below are details for the contest, process and long term goals! If chosen, all the below items will need to be acknowledged and release of liability will need to be signed. If you wish to not participate after reading, please let us know and we’ll remove your submission.



  • This contest was put together to provide a space for artists to share their talents, show how positive collaboration can work here and use them to beautify a piece of our beloved downtown Bakersfield. This project is for artist exposure, community involvement, and contribution to beautifying Bakersfield. Artists that are selected to paint their design on one of the murals are donating their time and talent to this collaboration and will not be compensated, but the sponsors will help cover paint + supplies up to a certain amount.



  • The space allocated is on the south wall of Locale Farm to Table

  • Each mural space is approx. 16’6” wide by 12’6” tall and will be painted directly on the wall.

  • All submissions must be original art, creative (no typical Bakersfield imagery) and have the capacity to paint the design for themselves.

  • Art can be abstract or lifelike, and a concept sketch must be provided (with color if required).

  • Due date for submissions is July 15th, 2018 and are only accepted by email - info@beinbakersfield.com



  • The Be In Bakersfield + Locale teams will collectively decide on the murals that aesthetically look best together and highlight the creativity in Bakersfield in the best way.

  • They will also pick 2 honorable mentions in case any of the original chosen participants aren’t able to see the project through the next phase of prep + painting.

  • We will aim to have different artist/teams for each mural, but it will depend on the submissions.

  • Submissions will be kept for future mural opportunities.



  • The building owner will retain rights to remove the art at any time, but will keep it up for longer than 4 months.

  • Building owner and all parties involved in the promotion retain rights to use art painted for promotional material, both printed and digital.

  • Should the building change ownership, the new owner will have right to remove as they see fit.

  • Long term repairs of individual murals fall on the artist for maintenance.



  • Locale will...

    • Prep the area, power wash + primer in white

    • Winners will receive one $200 gift card for artist to purchase paint + supplies.

  • As artist, you’re responsible for...

    • Paint, primer, brushes, specialty brushes, paint rollers, sponges, or stippling brushes for certain painting techniques.

    • The artist must be prepared with the right equipment - Paint, primer, brushes, specialty brushes, paint rollers, sponges, or stippling brushes for certain painting techniques.

    • Note to the artist that that are responsible to providing their own equipment – hats, umbrellas, water, chairs - Everything they need to successfully/ and comfortably complete the work will be on them.

    • This project is likely to get messy, aprons and goggles are also a good idea to have.

    • A ladder or other equipment to access the wall will be needed

  • Materials covered + provided...

    • Artists selected will receive one $200 gift card to purchase paint + supplies.



  • Release of liability

    • Artists will be required to sign a release of liability to start any work.

  • Locale Prep

    • Locale will be responsible for cleaning and prepping the surface, spackling any cracks, and walls will be primed with white primer paint


  • Schedule

    • Artists will work directly with Locale to establish a schedule for painting the mural.

    • Once selected, artist has two weeks to complete painting. Locale will provide each artist with $50 credit to Locale.

    • Artists can work alongside other muralists at the same time.

    • With the summer heat, be aware of harsh weather conditions, safety when using ladders or scissor lifts, or being around harsh painting fumes for extending periods of time.

    • Working downtown during late hours of the night, may be a safety issue. We will not be providing security for after dark painting.

    • Artist to make sure that all paint and supplies are properly disposed of. Paint or other materials are not to be left in the alley or put in the storm drain, trash cans, or dumpsters. There is a water spigot/hookup on the restaurant side of Locale. Water may be put in a sewer drain close by.



  • Artists must have experience in this process or understand the right steps of scaling a small drawing to the mural space of 16’6” wide by 12’6” tall.

    • One technique is to divide the smaller design and the wall into proportional grids (Via Arte style).

    • Painting the image one square at a time is much easier than trying to transfer the whole entire thing all at once.

    • Another technique is to invest in an artist’s projector, which will display the design directly on to the wall surface.

    • Regardless of which method, it’s important to frequently step back and view the painting from a distance.

    • Even though minor mistakes can be fixed or touched up, they can be caught early or even prevented altogether by periodically looking at the big picture.


Questions + Submissions are to be sent directly to info@beinbakersfield.com